Men, stretch your limits.

Harmonize the Body

“Daily practice increases your health on all levels”

You, as a man, should do yoga, regulary. Do it for your strength, flexibility, balance, and muscle definition. Do it for your body, your mind and your soul. It is time to move outside of your comfort zone and explore new horizons. If you are ready to change something, need to reorient your inner compass, or are searching for a new impulse, yoga is definitely for you.

YogaMEN for Real Energy

Yoga for men is not a taboo and is not just a trend. In our modern society, we know that inner balance is the prerequisite for a better and happier life. YogaMen will act to recharge the depleted batteries that would power a man’s body, mind & soul. Men’s bodies are different from women’s. Our breathing and our greater inclination to tense (resulting in shortened muscles and tight tendons) are just some of the many differences. One big example is breathing; men rarely dare to breathe deeply and actively in a mixed group—strange but true.

YogaMEN for Every MAN

It is not a matter of manliness or sexual orientation. Any man, from the so-called macho man to the wimp, may experience this, no matter his place in society or on the globe. Problems arise when we do not diffuse the mental tension that we feel. This prevents us from eating well and getting the most out of our workout. We may even hold on to unhealthy habits.

Small Group Classes – Gentlemen only

Men, Women do not want to be watched or ogled while they are doing yoga. Even men want to move freely, especially if we have a big belly or our physique is currently not the ideal. Men basically want to be among other men when doing exercises. For this reason, I created YogaMen, which is different from yoga for women.

Renewing Your Mind

Doing yoga will help to diffuse the mental tension and allow for more positive energy to take its place. This revitalizing energy leads to inner balance within a man’s soul.

Yoga is the ideal path for men to achieve inner success. It is useful and, like cleaning your teeth, it is a healthy habit that you can do every day. YogaMen is for your everyday life. The result is finding inner balance, leading to you becoming a better partner and family man. Yoga is a simple form of movement that builds upon a man’s strengths. It can be added into your life starting with a 15-minute yoga session.

Live the Life You Love

How do you see yourself right now? This is your life, and you must view it without any excuses or self-deception. Are you a couch potato or a triathlete? Manager or worker? Intellectual or dummy?Seriously, how are you? Are you bored, happy, or confused? What touches you? Your starting point is today. Your journey to self-discovery bgins with considering these questions:

  • What are you doing? What do you want to achieve?
  • Which other men do you envy? Where do you stand?
  • Do you have any goals left? Why do you want to reach these goals?
  • Do you have time for yourself? Does all of this appeal to you?